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Aug 12, 2021

In today’s Pretty Little Tribe Podcast episode, we are joined by Dr. Shannon Clark, OB/GYN, Maternal-Fetal Medicine Doctor, educator, researcher, TikToker and mother of twins. 


After becoming an OB/GYN, Shannon spent an extra three years studying to sub-specialize in Maternal-Fetal Medicine. Despite her excellent bedside manners, Shannon was never fully able to understand her patients until she experienced having a high-risk pregnancy herself.


Shannon and her husband met when they were 38 and began trying for kids after 40. After a miscarriage and five rounds of IVF, Shannon was discouraged from her losses. She was finally able to become pregnant with twins using donor eggs and IVF, but her pregnancy soon became complicated. She delivered at 31 weeks and had both twins spend time in the NICU for 5-6 weeks. 


Shannon’s experiences gave her a unique insight into the struggles that her patients go through. Not only does she continue to educate people on everything from high-risk pregnancies to breast feeding on her Tik Tok account, but she is able to do so from a place of personal experience and compassion. 


Join us as Shannon shares her specialized knowledge in Maternal Fetal Medicine and answers my questions about high-risk pregnancies. 


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