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Aug 6, 2021

In today’s Pretty Little Tribe Podcast episode, we are joined by Eloise Edington, founder and editor of the Fertility Help Hub, an online resource, podcast, and community app. 


When Eloise and her husband were unable to conceive, they discovered that her husband had Klinefelter syndrome and has low testosterone and no sperm count as a result. After deciding on a donor and a few rounds of IVF, Eloise and her husband are now parents of three.


When going through this journey, Eloise found it difficult to find people that she could relate to. Eloise found that knowing at least one other person who had donor children was a comfort to her. She wanted other women to be able to make these connections and also find accurate resources and information. So she created the Fertility Help Hub which consists of a podcast, a website with resources and tips, and a community app so people can connect with others sharing similar struggles.


Join us as Eloise tells us more about the Fertility Help Hub and how she was able to make the community that she wished she had during her journey. 


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Find Eloise:

IG: @fertility_help_hub


Podcast: Fertility Help Hub Podcast

App: Fertility Squad App

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