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Dec 24, 2021

This episode we are joined by Tsao-Lin Moy, Natural Fertility Expert, Acupuncturist, and founder of Integrative Healing Arts in New York City.


Tsao combines her experience of Eastern medicine with her understanding of Western, scientific approaches to give her patients treatments that align with their specific health journeys.


Through acupuncture and traditional forms of healing, Tsao helps couples conceive naturally. Her natural approaches to infertility allow her to treat underlying conditions of problems such as thyroid issues or irregular cycles. This gives her patients a chance to heal their bodies naturally before undergoing the added stress or cost of Western medical procedures. 


Join us this week as Tsao answers our questions about Eastern medicine and how it can be combined with Western medicine for better results. 


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Find Tsao-Lin:

Instagram: @tsaolinmoy

Instagram: @integrativehealingartsnyc

Book:  Will I Ever Get Pregnant?: The Smart Woman's Guide to Get Pregnant Naturally Over 40

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