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Sep 23, 2021

This episode we are joined by Monica Bivas, a mindset and holistic fertility coach, speaker, and author of the book The IVF Planner: A Personal Journal to Organize Your Journey Through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) with Love and Positivity


Monica had never planned on having children until she met her husband and his daughter from a previous marriage. Spending time with her step-daughter sparked her maternal instincts. But when she started trying for a baby at 32, she did not realize it would be such a difficult journey.


Through IVF treatments, Monica was able to have a healthy baby girl, but when they tried for another four years later, her baby was stillborn. Monica tried to push away the grief and fill the hole in her heart by trying for another baby right away. This only caused her more pain and loss. She had to learn how to properly grieve and feel her emotions so that she could heal. 


Through her work and her books, Monica creates a safe space for people to fully experience their feelings, good or bad, and believes your mindset plays an important role in your fertility journey. 


Join us this week as Monica shares her story of loss and how she had to come to terms with her own feelings before healing and moving on. 


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